Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New project

So I have been thinking that I want my bridesmaids to have something cute in their hair.

When i told my little sister about making headpieces you would have thought I told her we are all shaving our heads before the wedding. I sent her a few pics of ideas I was looking at and she loved them!! So this is my next project! I just love the one with the netting for myself. I saw it on http://kenziekate.blogspot.com/ Something Old Something New Blog. They are by Twigs and Honey and are simply beautiful! I also saw this cute yellow one on http://julieplustodd.blogspot.com/. She made them herself for her bridesmaids and I think she did a great job!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Season in Bloom

These are rings that I saw in a Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine back when my sister was getting married! Just like my sis and her husband- those rings and I were love at first sight!!
I made them for her wedding using burgundy and ivory flowers. They were a hit so I have started making them for my girlfriend's weddings. The pic above is from a wedding back in June- same wedding that the log cabin quilt was made for- note the same colors!
These are very easy to make- just get the fabric elastic, silk flowers (colors to match wedding color scheme) and a glue gun. Cut and glue the elastic into a little ring (measure it out on your finger, making some bigger and smaller) then cut the silk flowers off the stems and glue to together on the elastic. I glue them where the elastic is glued so you hide the seam. I like to use two different types of flowers- i have even made all white ones and it still looks cute if you change up the flower type and size.

New Ideas

Two new birthday gifts this year!!
My boss gave me a years subscription to Knitter's Magazine
and a dear friend gave me this great book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders!!
I cant wait to start some new projects!

Tune in Tokyo

This is the Tokyo Tie Bag!! I got the pattern from the Sew Everything Workshop book- which is a great book for people who are starting to sew! I have made a few of these bags. It's a very simple and easy bag to sew together and it makes for a fun gift!