Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Cupcake Craz~

another amazing shower gift! my little sister gave me the giant cupcake cake pan and i used it last night to make a cake for my managers birthday!!
it only takes one box of cake mix- follow the directions on the back and split the batter between the two pans. i baked it for about 40 min, let it cool and frosted it! it was easy and is just too cute when its finished!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Potato Fries

my big sister got me a WONDERFUL shower gift- a deep fryer!! 
i always try to make sweet potato fries but i had to make them in the over and they would just come out soggy and mushy! not fun! 
so the other night i used by new shower gift and the result was, well, AMAZING! 
all i did was fill the fryer with oil up to the limit line, chopped up sweet potatoes and then threw them in the basket for about 3-5 min, laid them on paper towels and salted them to death! the FI and i  ate the first two basket rounds before we sat down for dinner. nothing like a good burger and sweet potato fries on memorial day!! 

Blooming Delight

Oh thank you Martha-

here is her explanation on the floral rings i have made for weddings (check out my Love Grows.... post).

Floral Rings

Skater Boy

My FI was big into skateboarding before it ruined his knees.
the boards are still up in the attic and every once in a while they make their way downstairs and there is some skating around the apartment. the cats freak out and puff up like raccoons- it's quite entertaining! anyway- i saw these boutonnieres at Fritts Rosenow. love this one!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DIY Barbie Ice Cream Social Wedding Shower


my mother and aunt are the master minds behind the wonderful wedding shower i had two weeks ago. i have always been a huge barbie fan and still collect them!! so they threw me a barbie ice cream social wedding shower. it was amazing! here are some pics!!

it was at my parents house. they rented a tent, table and chairs.
the tables were decorated with barbies and ice cream sunday glasses. to get them to look like they had ice cream in them- they filled the glass with pink paper confetti and tied silk carnations together and place them on top so that it looked like pink whipped cream. then they took a plastic purple grape and put it on top of the carnations to look like a cherry- tied a bow at the bottom and there you go! so creative!! i couldnt believe all that they did!!
for favors for the guests- everyone got an ice cream scoop with a little card tied on with a bow- the card said "so sweet of you so come"!
there was a barbie pinata filled with snacks and little note pads, pencils, chapstick!!
my handy uncle decorated a chair for me to sit in with an old barbie quilt i had and hung up pink letters spelling out barbie!
to top it off my aunt and mom gave me an ice cream maker with all these adorable ice cream dishes to serve it in!!!!
i cant thank them enough! it was such a wonderful, but it went by way too fast and now i'm sad that it is over!
my sisters did an amazing jobs as hosts!! and tip for anyone who needs a shower game- my MOH sent my FI a list of 20 questions to answer. nothing to serious just stuff like when we met, our song, what i have on my nightstand and i had to answer what i think my FI would have said. for every answer i got wrong, i had to chew a piece of bubble gun! by the end i had a HUGE wad of gum in my mouth and had a hard time talking! it was hilarious!!


Ordered the invites today!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We ordered our invitations on Saturday and just got the proofs today!
I sent them to my entire family just to make sure there are no errors!!
Another thing off the list!!

Love Grows....

So many cute DIY projects for a garden party theme!
They would even be cute to use for your seating cards!
They were created by Vale Design, who were nice enough to add the free templates! LOVE IT! You just use scrapbook paper and double sided tape! Also there are plenty of places to buy seeds in bulk!
here you go-

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Will Survive!!


Def going to make these for my ladies!

If you are interested, here is the template that was created by the ladies over at 100 Layer Cake : template