Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow

it's not DIY- i went to a stylist!
but my mom watched her and now swears she could do it herself!
if only i could be in high school again! my sisters and i would have another option other than the beautiful french twist for semi's and prom!

Bird Cage

this past weekend i made a bird cage veil for the reception!
ok really my mom was a huge help! we worked on it sunday afternoon!
i used the directions from once wed (posted below)
they were very helpful for ideas and then my mom and i did what worked for us!
it def takes more than one person- you need a second set of eyes to make sure the fitting is right with the flowers and the netting. i didnt take any pics and left it at parents house so the view of will have to wait but i must say it's FABULOUS!
i love it! and the FI thought it was great- yes i showed him! i get so excited with my craft projects i always have to show him! i cant wait to wear it!

Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces

Keeping with our garden theme- my fab mama made these for our rehearsal dinner center pieces. love them!
we can either give them away or use them all weekend for the cocktail hour tables or at the sunday brunch! what would we do without mothers?? i have no idea!

UPDATE- clover invasion

well, they have grown!
they are at the perfect size right now which makes me worry about what they will look like in 5 weeks!
these even survived being tipped over and falling all over the garage after my father took them out one morning. i told him that i appreciated the help but asked him to please leave it to my mother from now on! typical dad fashion, im sure they were in the way of the lawn mower and used excess-man force to move them and well that's what happens when they are resting on top of a wheel barrel.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lucky in Love

My mother and i planted 200 peat pots of clover last time i was at my parents house.
the lady at the garden shop said clover takes about 4 weeks to germinate, but then it grows pretty quickly. we thought we were all set- it would germinate around mid july and we would have cute little clover plants to give away as our wedding favor. well two days after we planted the things i got am email from my mom:
"You know that woman at Hadley Garden who said it took 4 weeks to germinate those clovers?
She's an idiot!
You now have out there 10,000,000,000,000,000 clovers all about a quarter of an inch high. HELP!!!
I think I need a gardening staff!!
Love Mom"
oh and then we think a deer got to one of the planters so now we have about 160 quickly growing
clover plants- yeah for DIY wedding projects!
this is a to be continued post!