Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Season in Bloom

These are rings that I saw in a Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine back when my sister was getting married! Just like my sis and her husband- those rings and I were love at first sight!!
I made them for her wedding using burgundy and ivory flowers. They were a hit so I have started making them for my girlfriend's weddings. The pic above is from a wedding back in June- same wedding that the log cabin quilt was made for- note the same colors!
These are very easy to make- just get the fabric elastic, silk flowers (colors to match wedding color scheme) and a glue gun. Cut and glue the elastic into a little ring (measure it out on your finger, making some bigger and smaller) then cut the silk flowers off the stems and glue to together on the elastic. I glue them where the elastic is glued so you hide the seam. I like to use two different types of flowers- i have even made all white ones and it still looks cute if you change up the flower type and size.

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