Sunday, September 27, 2009

DIY Wedding Favors

Ok so the week before my wedding.... the clovers died!!
my amazing brother-in-law heard about the problem and called me to walk me off the ledge. awhile back i posted about a cute seed packet idea ( Love Grows.... i used design 2 without a lable on it) and told my BIL about it. He then did some research and using the seed packets, came up with the cutest idea that would also allow us to still use the 160 little pots we had bought!
i downsized the seed packet printout by 75% on the copy machine at work (yay for multi-tasking) and was able to fit 4 of them on a regular sized piece of paper. scrapbook paper was on sale at michael's that week (i took it as a sign). i got 6 sheets of 6 different pages, staying with our color scheme- purple, lime green, hot pink and orange. i first cut all the scrapbook paper down to a regular sized piece of paper so it would fit in a copy machine. i then copied the packet-printout to all the backs of the scrapbook paper and had to cut EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! thank goodness my mother helped! we used double-sided tape to put the packet together and filled it with sunflower seed that my mom got at the local tractor supply store- 20 lbs for $10!! at michael's, i also got little plastic ziplock bags. my father and husband filled them with potting soil (also from tractor supply). you have to buy the dry soil or else there will be moisture in the little bags and it doesnt look nice. my mother and MOH (my fab little sister) tied all the bows with the thank you tags! my mom and i had brought all the ribbon at michael's when it was 3 rolls for $1- we used a thicker ribbon in either green, orange or purple and added a thinner pink ribbon on top of the thicker one to each pot. my mom had cut all the ribbon, made a knot in the middle and hot glued it to the back of the top of the pot- we had to do this or else the ribbon would never stay up on its own. my mom and i got the hot pink paper for the tags at paper source, printed off the thank you notes, cut them up and stamped them with three different little stamps also from paper source. it was a huge team effort and i couldnt have done it with without my family! i must admit that in the end, they were so much cutter than the clover idea and our guest really loved them! the best thing is- we did 142 wedding favors for under $100!! people have emailed to say that they have planted them and are watching them grow! we did a have a few clovers left over so we potted them and used them on our escort table. they looked cute and saved us from having to add another center piece to that table.

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