Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY floral haircomb

here is my beautiful MOH, my sister! i started making my BM's hair pieces, but only made one and just didnt have time to finish them the week of due to everything else i was doing. sooo i returned from the hair salon the day of the wedding and my uncle and brother-in-law are sitting at the dining room table making the hair combs!!!! first of all, i dont think i would have finished half the stuff i did without my uncle and B-I-L! they are just amazing! so here is a pic of the haircomb. they are made with plastic haircombs from michaels, loose flower petals (michaels) and rhinestones (michael's). all of it was assembled with a gluegun. is there anything that cant be done with a gluegun!? the girls and i really liked them and it added some fun to their hair! thank you tom and jim!!!!!

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