Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hostess Apron

This was my first Thanksgiving as a married woman and my first holiday that i didnt spend with my family! it was very bittersweet and i called my parents numerous times throughout the day. my in-laws came up for the long weekend and we cooked dinner at our place. it was a lot of fun and a lot of work all for about 15 min of stuffing your face!!

every year that my mother hosted thanksgiving, she would have a craft for the ladies to do. sometimes, even the men got involved. well i didnt want to force "DIY projects" on my in-laws so i took the task into my own hands! i made hostess aprons for myself, my SIL and my MIL. my MIL loves syracuse so she obviously get orange and blue and my SIL love lilacs and the color purple. mine was made with left over fabric, but it happened to be pink so it was perfect!

here is the tutorial i followed. they took about 20-30 min each!

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